Purchasing a Home - Why a Buyer's Agent?

The purchase of a residential property is the largest single transaction most people have in their lives.  A savvy home buyer should get the best advise and council they can.  It's not a question of "How much will a Buyer's Agent cost?" but "How much will you save!"

Exclusive Buyer's Agents, like me, do not take listings.  I represent buyers and only buyers.  Since I don't take listings, I won't practice Dual Agency.

Ordinary listing agents and selling agents represent the seller.  This means that they must legally negotiate in favor of the Seller.  Their objective is to sell you a house.

I'll never try to sell you a home.  I'll always help you to buy the home of your dreams.  And when it comes time to negotiate the deal, I'll be working for you!

Appraisal - the scientific art of determining the value or quality of a property.  There may be many times when a professional appraisal is necessary or desirable.  Family Estate Planning, Negotiating a loan, Divorce, Death, Taxes (Real Estate or Income).  Do not confuse a CMA with an Appraisal.  Just about any Real Estate Salesperson can make a CMA.  The CMA is an informal survey of comparable properties currently on the market.  The State of Illinois now requires state certification for Appraisers.

Dual Agency - When a Real Estate Agent represents both the Buyer and Seller in a transaction.  It's the same servant trying to serve two masters. At best the agent can act as a facilitator. 

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